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Learn How, VMware Purchasing Programs can make a difference for you?

Five purchasing programs in action!


As many people have great interest in watching Movies, I also grew up watching countless Action Movies and always admired Bruce Lee. Every time I glance at VMware Purchasing programs, I get the same kind of feeling that I am watching an action movie “Enter a Dragon” but with different purchasing options. So let me elaborate as how these different sequences work in Action.



Volume Purchasing Program (VPP) is the simplest program which works for those customers who purchase small amount of Net New Licenses but more in transaction count. More you buy, more points you earns and better discount you get. These discounts can go up to 12% off MSRP.


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I always thought of VPP program like when I used to go to my favorite movie store Blockbuster to buy a new action movie. When I look at Volume purchasing program it clearly tells me that more action movies I will buy better discount I get. Sometime it’s good for you but for a long-term you say good bye to your eyesight.


Enterprise Purchasing Program (EPP) is a token based program which allows customers to grab higher discounts and become more centralize in their purchasing. It is definitely an ideal option for those customers who only want to have centralized licensing without enrolling into a fix contracts. EPP discounts vary from 12% through 22% off MSRP*.


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To explain EPP in Blockbuster’s terminology, when a customer is looking to purchase a large number of movies without knowing which ones they actually need to see for the next three years. In those circumstances, Enterprise Purchasing Program allows customer to purchase Blockbuster Tokens instead of specific movies which can be redeemed on any movie without spending actual dollars. In addition, purchaser (fund owner) will have the right to distribute token to specific individuals to centralize their purchasing.

EPP tokens are good for Three Years with flexibility to have one fixed end date for their contracts. Keeping in mind, EPP does have a minimum threshold of 2,500 tokens (USD $250K) in net new purchases to be enrolled. Customer require to purchase minimum of 500 tokens (USD $50K) for any additional funding**.


Subscription Purchasing Program (SPP) allows customers a flexible way to acquire VMware subscription services in the form of Subscription Services Credits that are denominated and deposited as a Fund Balance in VMware transacting currencies which may then be redeemed for variety of VMware subscription services.


It is definitely an Ideal program for those customers who are only looking for subscription based billing. In addition, it allows to Centralized or decentralized management of fund balances, allowing them to allocate such balances to different departments, projects and users. Customer receives discounts on the purchase of VMware Subscription Credits and additional volume discounts based on actual quantity and duration of services consumed.

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It definitely has the flexibility to mix and match VMware Subscription Services including term (1-month to 3-years) and Billing Method (monthly, annually or pre-paid). In other words, consider Netflix versus purchasing bulk of DVDs from Blockbuster. SPP is giving customers the option to subscribe all Movies without physically purchasing perpetual movies.


Transactional Purchasing Program (TPP) provides tier-based volume discounts to U.S. Federal customers. In order to qualify for a TPP discount, a minimum value of 50 points per order is required. Most VMware license and service products, except SnS renewals, contribute towards customer qualification in TPP. However, TPP discounts are only applied to the license portion of a customer’s purchase. Services and SnS renewals are excluded from discounting under the program.


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This program always reminds me of FBI message at the beginning of every movie. Selling to Federal Government has its own up and downs but overall this program save them up to 13% off MSRP.

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Cloud Credit Purchasing Program (CCPP) is an easy on-ramp to the cloud; it enables customer business to take advantage of public or hybrid cloud as a comprehensive IT strategy. Customer can take their cloud economics and can easily improve their business agility while reducing IT CAPEX spends on any net-new equipment.

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VMware Cloud Credits give customers increased budget flexibility and they can maintain control and visibility of their cloud spend through one pane of glass control. In addition, CCPP is an ideal program for those customers who are looking for budget flexibility, cost visibility, Infrastructure control, Risk Mitigation and ease of use.

Cloud Credits can be redeemed for infrastructure as a service (IaaS) based on VMware technology provided by an approved vCloud Service Provider including: compute, storage, networking, operating system and support for shared infrastructure.


Throughout history, developments in technology and virtualization have gone hand-in-hand, and the latest technological developments in VMware have resulted in the advancement of virtualization to a new level. Blockbuster is one of the examples; it went out of business as they couldn’t keep up with continuous changes and demands. At first, we started to buy VHS than DVD’s and now all movies are available for us on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime.


VMware started the same way, where its technology, evolved from Desktop Virtualization and now it’s a market leader in Datacenters, Storage, Network, Cloud, VDI and Mobility technologies.

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VMware Purchasing Programs provide you flexible and cost - effective ways to purchase VMware products and services. Whether you are making smaller, transactional purchases or larger, strategically planned purchases, there is a VMware Purchasing Program to fit your needs.

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