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How assessment helps save millions

Stop regretting after your IT infrastructure purchase

Why assess first

Assessing the situation before taking an action is very important element in life and also in IT infrastructure management. Let me elaborate the the importance of assessment by telling you a quick recent experience where we were recently looking to purchase a brand new home for our kids. We started our hunt by assessing our financial budget and set aside a certain limit to spend. Later we started with House search to assess which suburb areas with Best Schools and Neighborhoods we want to explore. We even went to the step to change multiple realtors to find us our dream home. After intense search, visits and choices, we settled on a beautiful house which took us 4 intense weeks to finalize based on the assessment and detail requirements. Finally, we purchased our brand new home. YAY!!! 

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Now look at IT assessment for your infrastructure in the same scope of lens. When any IT Director or CIO decides to approve additional Hardware, Software and Implementation Services, they set aside a certain budget to spend. IT Procurement team take the requirements and starts to cross check the best solution for the company. Unfortunately, this is the part where most of the companies miss on important saving piece. If only CIO's, IT Directors and IT managers assess the needs of their infrastructure properly, they would never have to regret the spend and budget issue.

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How we help with no cost assessment

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Our customers utilize our expertise from adding additional hardware upto automating an existing infrastructure. We simply assess the existing environment capacity vs the actual needs and recommend best solutions to adopt, consolidate and implement. 

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We assist in roadmapping the savings and actual needs based on customers budgets and logical needs. Our goal is ONLY to save money for our customer by simply consulting the right needs.

Start your free assessment for Data Centers, Software Developments, Storage, Networks, Cloud and Mobility with me. Lets work together to find your needs and increase your ROI by reducing your CAP/OPEX.